Hello. Sawubona. Molo. Dumela. Aangename kennis. And welcome! My name’s Janine Papendorf and I’m a freelance writer, editor and content strategist based in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

Most of the people who approach me for help simply don’t have the time to create content for their websites. Or their blogs. Or their social media channels.

Because they’re too busy running businesses. Managing employees. Chasing deadlines. Raising children. And trying to have meaningful social lives.

I get it. I’ve been there. It’s tough to produce fresh content if your focus is elsewhere. It’s even tougher if words and pictures are not really your thing. And it’s toughest of all if you’re not 100% sure about the best practices in digital marketing.

Me? I like words. A lot.

They have so much potential. And so much power.

And when you combine them strategically, you get compelling pieces of content to educate your prospects. To engage your customers. To entertain your fans.

Effective content can grow your business.

That’s right. Grow your business.

But it must be authentic. Original. Credible. Useful.

It must be crafted with care. And it must be rewarding for the audience.

Does your content meet these standards?

Does your content transform casual browsers into loyal buyers?

If it doesn’t, then we need to talk about actionable ideas to boost your brand.

Because the solution is not more content.

The solution is better content.

Let me create it for you.

Get in touch today to arrange your free consultation.

Straight talk from my clients

Sandi van Zyl

Private dietitian | Cape Town

It was a pleasure working with Janine. She is very professional in her approach and I felt that she really understood my business and what I was trying to achieve.

Jandre Koekemoer

Owner of JKWorks | Cape Town

Janine's personal touch and wealth of experience is unmatched. I am deeply grateful for her exceptional service. She brought my business up to date with the digital world.

Michelle Page

Independent author | San Diego

You were so pleasant to work with and so professional at all times. You really did a fantastic job and I know that I couldn't have pulled this off without your help.