Writing services

Copywriting and content creation

Clear, concise and compelling content is essential for your digital communication.

Think about what people see when they encounter your website, your social media channels and your email newsletters.

Logos, design elements and graphics may capture their attention, but what keeps their interest?

It’s your message.

Your ideas.

Your thoughts.

Your words.

Words that convey important information about you and your business.

Words that tell your story. Words that influence people. Words that shape how you are perceived.

Sloppy copy that’s riddled with spelling mistakes won’t boost your credibility.

Complicated content that’s full of jargon won’t win over your target audience.

Your content must be authoritative, but accessible.

Talk to me if you need:

  • Blog posts
  • Digital newsletters
  • Feature articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Personal profiles
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Reviews
  • Social media posts
  • Website content

Looking for writing services that aren’t listed here? Contact me to discuss your specific requirements.


Technical services

On-page SEO analysis

Are your individual web pages optimised to attract the right people? Have you given search engines the information they need to interpret your web pages correctly?

I’ll examine several key elements on your web pages and recommend fixes, changes or improvements.

Social media audits

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and their various competitors are powerful gateways to a vast number of potential customers.

Are your business accounts set up for maximum visibility online? Have you followed the guidelines and best practices for success on social media?

Give me the green light to conduct a full audit and you’ll get a comprehensive report that identifies problems and offers solutions.

If you’re interested in a quotation or some friendly advice, then let’s chat as soon as possible.