United States President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize made me think about leadership.

United States President Barack Obama has accepted the Nobel Peace Prize amid a flurry of activity that included protests, a grand dinner in his honour and mixed reviews from the American public and the world.

The Dalai Lama stated (very diplomatically) that it was, perhaps, a little early for America’s commander-in-chief to be given such an award: he has been in the White House for barely a year, after all.

The Tibetan spiritual leader was not alone in this corner… Obama himself admitted during his acceptance speech that as a wartime president, he was a controversial choice for the medal. He even acknowledged that there were many others who deserved it more.

Still, the award that once found a home with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Kofi Annan now also belongs to Barack Obama. Let’s hope he endeavours to deserve it. ♦ JP

The title of this post is borrowed from the lyrics of A Good Start by Maria Taylor.

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